Customize Your Freeel Electric Folding BicycleCustomize Your Freeel Electric Folding Bicycle

Create your taylor made freeel folding electric bicycle
your freeel Z03, taylor made
Make your bike unique
There is a world of possibilities for you to create your own freeel folding electric bicycle. Are you going to use it to go to the office? To go shopping? To walk with your children? To roll discovering the city? No worries, Freeel is so versatile that you will find endless options to create a completely personalized bike.

You are a unique person. Your Freeel Z03 bike is also unique.
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endless options
In Freeel we do not only have folding electric bicycles. We also have the accessories you need: child seats, racks, saddlebags, padlocks, helmets...
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Find the perfect accessory for your Freeel electric folding bike
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Can you imagine designing
your own bike?
Imagine being able to design your Freeel folding electric bicycle

You can choose from a wide range of colors for your Freeel folding electric bike. But with Z03 we wanted to go further, and create a design object in which you saw a blank canvas to create an authentic piece of art. So, if you want, we can customize your Freeel bike with your design, or we can talk to local artists who collaborate with us and can create a bike that is unique to you. Choose the style you like most, and we take care of turning your Freeel bike into a unique icon.

We prepare your taylor made Freeel folding electric bike pack
much more than an electric bicycle
Taylor made packs
In Freeel we know that your bike will change your life, and that you will need it every day as soon as you start using it. That's why we prepare packs tailored to your needs, with useful combinations designed to make your daily vehicle not only practical but also efficient.

Urban packs, security packs... check our website and find out what we have prepared for you. You'll surely find a Freeel folding electric bike with everything you imagined for less than you imagine.
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