Secure your foldable electric bicycle Freeel ... Fully online!Secure your foldable electric bicycle Freeel ... Fully online!

immediately online!

Do not pay more for your electric bicycle. Your Freeel Z03, financed without interest
Do not pay more for your electric bike
No interests
Buying your Freeel Z03 electric bicycle in up to 24 installments will not cost you more, because the online financing we offer you has an interest rate of 0%. So, if you're interested in your Freeel electric bike and want to get paid with it paying just a little every month, you will not have to spend a penny more in interests. No waiting. No efforts.
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117/5000 The preapproval will know you on the go, and final approval will arrive by mail in about 15 minutes. Your time is very valuable to lose it waiting.
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Finance your bike without waiting
Financing your electric bike
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Finança la teva bicicleta en línia des de la comoditat de casa teva

You do not need to move, do not call on the phone, or make any effort of any kind. Wherever you are, with your tablet or your computer, just choose the Freeel electric bicycle and the accessories you like and, when you get to the payment methods, select "Finish with Cofidis". From here, just by following the steps you will know for how much you will leave each month, you will get the result of your financing and before you can realize you will be enjoying your Freeel electric bike.

How does online financing work?
How many installments can I pay for my electric bicycle?
How it works
Here you have an example to see how you can finance your Freeel electric bicycle.

For amounts between € 150 and € 6,000, and choosing terms 3 to 12 months, your purchase will not have interests. For example, if you are financing €600 in one year, your first fee will be €60 and the remaining €50. The €10 difference corresponds to the opening fee, which is added to the first receipt, and the remaining fees are not of interest.

With these conditions, if you do not already have your Freeel bike is because you do not want to.

Financing offered and subject to the approval of Cofidis, S.A. Branch in Spain, for amounts between 150 and 6,000 € and terms from 3 to 12 months and from 15 to 36 without interest. Opening commission of 1% for terms of 3 to 12 months and 3% for terms of 15 to 36. Example for financing amount 150 €. Number of installments 3. First installment € 60, and 2 remaining € 50. Total amount owed: € 160. Opening fee in the first installment € 10 (1% with a minimum of € 10 and a maximum of € 90). TIN 0% maximum TAE 48.98%. Example for financing amount € 6000. Number of installments 36. First installment € 256.67, € 34 from € 166.67 and a residual quota of € 166.55. Total amount owed € 6090. Opening fee in the first installment € 90 (3% with a minimum of € 10 and a maximum of € 90). TIN 0% minimum TAE 0.98%. Financing date of the representative examples 01/05/2019 and first amortization 01/06/2019. Consult the financing conditions for other amounts and / or terms.
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