A Little History of the Freeel Electric Folding BicycleA Little History of the Freeel Electric Folding Bicycle

A little bit
of history

The birth of the Freeel folding electric bicycle
the birth of an idea
A different Barcelona
It was over 8 years ago. Barcelona began to have exaggerated pollution levels and daily commutes collapsed the city: haste, traffic jams, smoke ... and suddenly, the idea came up. Why not get involved? Why not create ourselves a new means of transport, agile, economic and that not only made us happier, but also improved the city ?. That was the trigger. The idea. The illusion. The Freeel electric bike was born.
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But the idea was not to create another brand. It was not creating another bike. It was not just design; was mobility, usability, savings, technology. It was to look to the present to predict the future. It was to create the perfect electric bicycle for Barcelona or any other city.
The perfect folding electric bike for Barcelona
electric bikes
created in barcelona
La bicicleta eléctrica plegable diseñada en Barcelona

It should be agile, quick, light. It also had to be respectful of the city. And It also had to show that it was more than design. That was a different way of doing things. That's why Freeel was created: electric bikes, ecological and representing a lifestyle. And that meant at the same time to gain a freedom through an electric vehicle that did not contribute any other vehicle.

Starting from that base we created several own models, with mountain versions (Freeel Xtreeme ), stroll (Freeel Ville), and a folding version (Freeel Keen). We carefully designed all the details of each model, applied the most efficient technology of the moment for each one of them and it was a success in the vision of the Barcelonans with respect to their urban displacements. People's welcome was great, even having a small local in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona and being a new brand.

Little by little our clients discovered that quality and good service are the flag of Freeel electric bikes, and it was they who started to talk about their bikes, to show them, to be proud of having changed their lives with a simple change of vehicle and, finally, to teach the rest of the world that were happier.

The birth of the folding electric bike Freeel Z03
the birth of the flagship model
The Freeel Z03 e-bike
After seven years of designing and manufacturing electric bikes, and after listening to thousands of users, their needs, their concerns, their advice and the improvements they envisioned for their bikes, we decided to create a completely new model that would gather all the faculties and advantages offered by technology and what our customers required.

For a year and a half we design, test, redo, lighten... and finally we got a result with which everyone who tried the prototype was delighted: a folding electric bicycle, light, urban, robust and with a unique and own design. Designed for daily life in Barcelona, ​​or in any other city. An electric bicycle with high quality components, only 16Kg. and with a high-performance battery that became the best-selling model in the year of its departure, able to win all the contests to which it was presented and which marks trend in style and design.
The Freeel Z03. The result of nearly two years of development, and more than eight years of experience putting the heart in creating the best possible model of electric folding bike.
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