Freeel Z03-S Bronze
Freeel Z03-S Bronze
Freeel Z03-S Chocolat
1 049,00 €

Electric bicycle
Freeel Z03-S Chocolat

1 199,00 €

1 049,00 €

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Get around effortlessly, combine cycling with urban transport,
and store wherever you want

Your folding electric 
bicycle, improved.

You already knew that the Freeel Z03-S is a folding electric bicycle, yes, but it is also a folding and lightweight electric bicycle that weighs only 16 Kg. And not only that, it is also a fast electric bicycle, because it mounts a 60 tooth plate, and with a very broad autonomy, because it incorporates a 7.2 A / h battery.

But, in addition, it is now an improved folding electric bicycle. Because it incorporates a new sensor of more precise movement, a new seatpost longer and with suspension so you will go much more comfortable, a battery with 14% more capacity than the first versions of the Freeel Z03 to get further and a new frame in which you have the possibility to attach a universal adaptator on your front part in which you can carry a basket, a briefcase or a rack.

And although it is a mainly urban electric bicycle, ideal to move around your city thanks to its comfort and robustness (you can combine it with public transport and it will take you where you want without hardly effort and avoiding crowds of traffic) you can also have fun with it by tracks not asphalted thanks to their mixed tires, a little wider and more comfortable than the purely urban ones.

The Freeel Z03-S lightweight folding electric bicycle is made of lightweight aluminum and has a high-performance, removable battery with a maximum power of 250W. It has up to 5 levels of pedaling aid, which added to its low weight makes the Freeel Z03-S folding electric bicycle the best option for urban transport.


Save on gas and maintenance, avoid traffic jams and enjoy the journey with your Freeel Z03-S.

Bicicleta eléctrica Freeel Z03-S Bronce con batería extraíble y plegable

Technology and Double Protection:
Your Safe Electric Bicycle

The Z03-S has an LCD display with which you can control your Freeel folding electric bike at all times: help level, lights, battery charge, consumption, speed, average speed, diagnosis of possible failures ... And, in addition, ¡this new version is ready to mount a new display with USB charger! So you can use your smarphone as a GPS without running out of charge.

It also has an instantaneous accelerator that, being limited to 6Km/h (the speed at which we walk), you can use completely legal in your Freeel Z03-S. It is designed to start a climb starting from standstill, and take advantage of that inertia to start pedaling and activate the total power of the electric motor, to move nimbly between traffic or to climb fords.

But its technology does not end there: your Freeel electric bike has two keys, one to block the electrical system, and another to block the battery and prevent it from being stolen.

In the Freeel Z03-S technology and security always go hand in hand.

Bicicleta eléctrica Freeel Z03-S Bronce con batería extraíble y plegable

Designed to Make Things
Easy for You

We designed and manufactured your foldable electric Freeel bicycle with a crystal-clear objective in mind: to create a solid bicycle with the lowest possible weight. The result: a bike weighing only 16kg, light but robust, carefully studied in order to achieve the perfect equilibrium between high-quality materials and the lightness you need to move around with agility.

That's not all. You can also fold your foldable electric Freeel bicycle easily and store it at home or in the office, while taking up little space. All you have to do is enjoy it!

Unique bikes, designed in Barcelona

Exclusive Design

Bicicleta eléctrica Freeel Z03-S Bronce con batería extraíble y plegable

Own Engineering
and Design

The foldable electric Freeel Z03-S bicycle is a unique model, created by a team with more than 10 years of experience developing electric bikes. Their expertise, together with what they learn from their customers on a daily basis, has allowed them to produce an elegant, urban, dependable and low-maintenance bike.

A battery hidden in the frame, the materials, a folding system, a control panel... the Freeel Z03-S has been carefully and exclusively designed in Barcelona and subjected to rigorous manufacturing and testing controls.

The only thing missing from this bike is your personal touch. Come make the foldable electric bicycle Freeel Z03-S yours!

The electric bicycle
that bikes dream about

  • Components

    Frame and components made
    in lightweight aluminimum AI6061
    for maximum robustness
    and reduced weight.

  • High Quality Lithium Batteries

    Between 25 and 50km per charge 
    Li-Ion 36V, 7.2Ah,
    with a useful life of between
    700 and 1.000 charge cycles

  • 250W Motor

    Brushless, frictionless motor,
    avoiding overheating and wear & tear
    250W of power, the maximum
    allowed by European law

  • Customizable

    Designed for customization:
    seat, handles, carrier, paint, etc.
    Easy to put together and take apart
    for effortless customizing

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