Freeel Z03-P Cian
Freeel Z03-P Cian
Freeel Z03-P Cian
899,00 €

Electric scooter
Freeel Z03-P Cian

899,00 €

VAT included in the price

move around your city in a much easier way:
turn on your scooter and accelerate

The new definition
Of electric scooter

The Freeel Z03·P is the new definition of electric scooter. It is a folding electric scooter, but it does not stop there: it is also a folding electric scooter, light and different, agile and comfortable like no other.

The idea is simple: the same comfort and robustness of a traditional Freeel, but completely eliminating the effort, combining the agility of a Freeel Z03 electric bicycle with the concept and ease of a scooter. Why one create an electric vehicle that brings together the best of both?

The Freeel Z03-P folding and lightweight electric scooter is made of lightweight aluminum and has a high-performance, removable battery with a maximum power of 250W. It has up to 5 speeds, which added to its low weight makes the folding scooter Freeel Z03-P the best urban transport option if you do not want to make any effort.
That you would never have thought that a scooter could be like that?

Patinete eléctrico Freeel Z03-P cian con batería extraíble

Technology and Double Protection:
your safe electric scooter

Your Z03-P has an LCD display with which you can control your Freeel folding electric scooter at all times: power, lights, battery charge, consumption, speed, average speed, diagnosis of possible failures...

It also has an instantaneous accelerator that gives you up to 5 levels of speed, so you only have to choose how fast you want to go or modify the power during the march. Your electric engine will take you where you ask in an agile and simple way, saving you of any kind of effort.

But its technology does not end there: your Freeel electric scooter has two keys, one to block the electrical system, and another to block the battery and prevent it from being stolen.

In the Freeel Z03-P technology and security always go hand in hand.

Patinete eléctrico Freeel Z03-P cian con batería extraíble

Designed to Make Things
Easy for You

We have manufactured your Freeel folding electric scooter always keeping the objective of creating a solid scooter with the minimum possible weight. The result: a scooter with only 14.8Kg, light but very robust, studied to the millimeter to achieve the perfect balance between high quality materials and the lightness you need to move agilely.

And not only that. You can also fold your Freeel electric scooter easily and store it at home or in the office taking up as little space as possible. So you just think about enjoying it.

Unique scooters, designed in Barcelona

Exclusive Design

Patinete eléctrico Freeel Z03-P cian con batería extraíble

Own Engineering
and Design

The Freeel Z03-P folding electric scooter is a unique model, created by a team with more than 10 years of experience developing electric vehicles. His mastery, added to what our users teach us every day, has resulted in an elegant, urban, reliable and low maintenance scooter.

Battery hidden in the box, materials, folding method, control system... The Freeel Z03-P has been carefully designed in Barcelona exclusively, and subjected to rigorous manufacturing and testing controls.

It only remains that you give your touch and make your Freeel Z03-P a unique scooter.

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